Ben Hunter &  Sadiqua Iman
Artist in Residence

The On the Boards Artists-in-Residence program gives Northwest-based artists, selected by Artistic Director Rachel Cook, time, access, and support for rehearsal and technical experimentation by specifically investing in their individual artistic process and progress.

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Dani Tirrell's Black Bois

Enter a world where Black bodies tell their own stories. Where Black love and Black expression prevail. A world where Black stories heal, grow, and transform the lives they touch. Featuring live music, collaboration with a large cast of localartists/performers, and installations, this performance project celebrates Black bodies in space and an emotional engagement with movement. Black Boisis a love letter to Black bodies, minds, and spirits. 

Artist Dani Tirrell writes, “This dance piece, created with original music by Benjamin Hunter and written word by J Mase III, is a ceremony to our ancestors, and a thanksgiving to our past, present, and future. It is a love letter to our bodies, our spirits, and our minds. This is the story of our fathers, brothers, lovers, and friends. A healing space, a space to process, a space to love, a space to create and be. We welcome you!”

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Seattle Office of Arts & Culture
BASE Curriculum Cohort
building art space equitably

Designed out of the City’s Race and Social Justice Initiative, this cohort is charged with designing a program and curriculum to gain capacity in cultural space development for the stabilization, growth and sustainability of community-led space. 

I'm very interested in making sure that this is not just more talking.  I want ACTIONABLE items to come out of this.  Like the Music Commission above, I'm here to represent the best interests of the arts & culture community, so please reach out to me with your concerns, ideas, and questions.  

I will keep you posted on opportunities for community talks around these issues! 

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