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Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons
Fall/Winter California Tour

Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons spent all summer touring the United States.  With October off, the two will head out again through the various pockets of California.   Check out our band website at www.benjoemusic.com to find out more details.  

Seattle Music Commission​

Since May of 2017, I've served on the Seattle Music Commission.  I'm honored to have the opportunity to work with some incredible movers and shakers in Seattle's music scene.  

The Seattle Music Commision works toward the realization of the City of Music 2020 Vision by cultivating partnerships, developing policy, and facilitating connections between the community and the music industry to make Seattle a place where musicians thrive, communities are strengthened, and music businesses flourish.  

I am a representative, and my work there needs to be informed by the musicians and artists that live in Seattle.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with your concerns, ideas, and questions! 

Seattle Office of Arts & Culture
BASE Curriculum Cohort
building art space equitably

Designed out of the City’s Race and Social Justice Initiative, this cohort is charged with designing a program and curriculum to gain capacity in cultural space development for the stabilization, growth and sustainability of community-led space. 

I'm very interested in making sure that this is not just more talking.  I want ACTIONABLE items to come out of this.  Like the Music Commission above, I'm here to represent the best interests of the arts & culture community, so please reach out to me with your concerns, ideas, and questions.  

I will keep you posted on opportunities for community talks around these issues!