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My photography reflects the beauty and design of nature and the common world around us.  In nature we find the reflections of the human experience.  There lies turbulence, joy, calm, rage, peace, growth, stress, death, and rebirth.  I believe that a large part of our human toil and dilemma is due to a divergence from nature and our natural self.  There was a time when we learned from nature, respected it, treated it kindly.  Inspired by artists like Goudy,  Debussy,  and the Romantic period, I look to the range of nature to help me understand the complexities for the human condition. 

We have also created a nature around us.  We can't ignore the buildings, the cars, the parks, and alleys that are very much a part of our world.  I like to explore these spaces, find the back alley murals, the cracks in a wall, the textures of a rusted fence, and everyday parts of our world that also contain inherent beauty.  I think there are interesting, curious, features to our world that we miss because we're tuned out on our phones, or somehow consider our lives mundane, boring, or repetitive.  Whether we acknowledge that or not, I use photography to try and capture the little things that might seem commonplace, but are actually very unique and deserved of recognition.


I use a Fujifilm X-A2 and a Fujifilm X-100s.  

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